Dagorhir of Tallahassee

Freecon 2013

Canaur wants to thank all of the guests and walk-ons that participated in our fights during Freecon over at FSU. We staged one of the deciding story battles for the event and our roars rang clear across the union green. For those who visited us at the vendors booth, we thank you also for that. 

We even got to host a fire-breathing show, with a friendly face coming by to help us out with a fire poi display. What a weekend! 

Ides of March 2013

Canaur proved itself to be a worthy force this month as we headed up to Bowdon, Georgia for Ides VII. While we made ourselves known at Winter War, we proved ourselves worthy on the field as more fighters took to the ravine battle in the CALL OF CHAMPIONS! 

Friday included a portal battle, a ravine relic battle, and an interesting Zombie woods battle. At night fighters took to the stage to sing in karaoke night. It was interesting to hear many different songs and ballads!

Saturday held several important battles like the Hounds of Hell battle, Holy Point Battle, and the oh-too-familiar gully battle, followed by a night of feast, casino, raffles, and making friends round the bonfire once more! Thank you to the event staff for letting us enjoy and helping out for such a wonderful weekend!

Canaur would also like to thank Jericho for coming out and being such wonderful camp-mates!  

  The Gully battle was intense, but we showed our strength in greater numbers than ever!

" Floodwake" 2013

Last Saturday was quite the adventure for Canaur after dealing with heavy rainfall and even heavier fighting! We held our cookout this semester at J. Lee Vause park, which provided enough field and cover to have a wonderful time. Thank You everyone who came out, especially from other realms!Just some of the many fighters of "Floodwake"


Members of Canaur have Just returned from an EPIC weekend in Bowdon Georgia. Winter War XII was the largest turnout Canaur has had at an event thus far. Thank You to everyone that showed up that made our weekend as amazing as it was. Thank you to the event staff for putting on a great weekend.

Friday was full of pickup battles, for the first time Canaur was given it's own team. The mighty warriors held their own against seasoned veterans from across the south. Friday night was spent around the campfire and visiting with other realms.

Saturday was a hard day of fighting scenario battles capped off with gully battle gauntlet and an epic story battle featuring a dragon. Arkas of Canaur helped to herald these events. At night our team built a community bonfire for all the realms to enjoy!


Group Picture Friday morning before fighting

Hail to Thomoria!

The realm of Canaur would like to recognize a small group of coordinated and skilled fighters that have worked together and made a name for them selves. Started by Cordane, the Thomorians are now 6 strong plus allies and sport matching-style armor.  At Winter War XII Thomorian war chants rang hard in the ears of Canaurs enemies and emboldened our allies. Congratulations to them for successfully enriching Canaur culture and looking really good!

 Gerrick, Meager, Gwyn, Duckie, Cordane and Higure. The 6 Thomorian warriors in epic pose!


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