Dagorhir of Tallahassee


Starting Out

  1. How do I join?

    You simply show up to one of our practices, learn the rules, and keep showing up. For new comers, we provide equipment and the rules.

  2. What should I bring with me?

    When first starting out, we recommend you wear athletic clothing and shoes. Because we fight out side in the hotter months, we also recommend bringing water to drink and to put on sunscreen. If possible, bring a friend or two. It is always more fun to fight if we have more people! :D

  3. How often/how long do you fight?

    We try to run practices twice a week.

    Saturdays from 12pm -to- 4pm is our usual week end practice.

    When the days are longer, mid-week practices are established and can vary. Check the message board or ask active members about mid-week practice days and times.

  4. Is it free?

    Dagorhir is free to join. There is no member ship fee or anything like that. For new members, their is community gear that any one can use. However, it is expected that veteran members will make their own weapons, garb, and armor. This allows for more personal customization and frees up gear for newer members.

  5. Do I have to fight?

    Absolutely not! Though Dagorhir is very much about the combat, there are plenty of people who take part in the activities and culture off the battle field. Many are non-combative sympathizers who give their support in many other ways and are still very involved in Dagorhir.

  6. Can I bring my own weapons?

    Dagorhir follows strict guidlines on the construction and use of its weapons. It is recomened that you seek help from a veteran the first time you contruct a weapon. Weapons brought out onto the field for the first time must go through a saftey check before considered same enough to fight with.

  7. Can I bring my friends?

    OF COURSE! We encourage it! The more people we have fighting. the more fun and interesting our battles. We are always looking for new fighters to bring a new element to the game. Please invite as many people as ou can! :)

  8. Is there an age requirement?

    Dagorhir rules state that partisipants must be at least 16 years old. Any one under the age of 18 MUST have a signed waiver by their leagal gardian to partisipate in dagorhir practices or events.

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On the battle Field

  1. What is "single blue" or "sword & board"?

    On the battle field we use different lingo to mean different weapon types. "Single Blue" refers to a single handed, blue weapon, generally a sword. Blue refers to the type of damage the weapon dose. More info on this can be found in the manual of arms. Sword and board refers to sword and shield fighting.

  2. Can I stab with any sword?

    NO. Most swords are not made safely to stab. Swords with stabbing tips have soft, open-cell foam built into them. If you have a question about who a weapon is used, ask who ever is running the event you are at.

  3. What is "spot checking"?

    While fighting, gear slowly breaks down and may become unsafe. It is recommended that you spot check your weapon before using it and in between battles. This is done by running the pad of your thumbs across the blade, tip, and flats of your weapon to check for unsafe ware and tear. You should also check for loose pommels. If caught early, easy mends can be made to make the weapon safe again.

  4. What happens when I get hit?

    Because of how complex cambat can be, we try to simplify it for new memebers. In general follow these rules.

    - If you get hit in the arm, drop any gear in that hand and put it behnd your back.

    - If you get hit in the leg, you drop down to that knee.

    - If you get hit in the torso, (collar bone, chest, stomache, groin, back, or buttocks) this is an automatic one-hit death.

    - If you get hit in the head by a projectile, (rocks, arrows, or javlines) this is also a one shot kill. There are no swung or stabbing head shots with weapons.

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Making equipment and gear (More info on making gear can be found in the document page)

  1. What supplies do I need to make weapons?

    General supplies include:

    • A roll of blue camping foam (found at Wal-Mart)
    • A can of DAP (industrial adhesive) 
    • 3/4 inch, thick wall, PVC pipe
    • A roll of Duct Tape
    • A roll of cloth grip tape (any color)
    • PVC cutter
    • Serrated knife (steak knives work best)

    This a good start on items you will need to make your first sword. You can find instructions on the Down-loadable Content page.

  2. Can I wrap my weapon in duct tape?

    The striking surface of a weapon must be covered with a cloth cover. The non-striking surfaces, such as the shaft of a javelin or a pommel of a sword may be covered in duct tape.

  3. Can I use wood or metal as the core of my sword?

    Metal cores are not allowed in Dagorhir. If you make a weapon with a wooden core, it must first be wrapped in tape to prevent the shattering of splinters if the core should break.

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