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Fighters of Canaur

Meet your fellow fighters. These men and women are active members, have a back story, and impressive garb.

Malductimus Maigean  

The smallest warrior from the Damshire clan, Malductimus is determined to prove him self. He never backs down from a fight. He is younger brother to Cordane.

Cordane Damshire

 The Chieftain of Thomoria, Cordane's massive strength is unmatched. He
is the first to successfully unite the clans of the mountainous north.
All regions swear fealty to him as chief.

Deakon of Eryndor Not from this land, Deakon seeks allies to aid him to rid the evil that he followed to this forsaken land.


Samael is a skilled ranger that does his work in and around the mysterious forests of Nusayr. Little else is known about him.  


 Leaving her home to peddle wares across the desert, Laskiel seeks both fortune and adventure in her travels across the continent. 





Ludis travels this world with sword in hand, and an agenda in mind. With or with out allies, he is determined to seek his goal. (on Hiatus)


 Hailing from within the Thomorian border, Meager is a black smith for the half giants of the north. 


Once a noble Templar of the Hemophite religion in Montis. Shogun was driven mad during his time in exile he now only wants to watch the world burn.


Merric always has a story to tell. When he is not out working  the land, he is defending it from evil. (on Hiatus)

































Lands of Canaur

The following information is a collection of histories and stories amassed by a traveler on the different regions of the fair continent of Canaur. The information is an amalgamation of history from libraries, folk tales, and first hand experience. 


The countries and territories in alphabetical order:


Arhin Jad

Arhin Jad, though the bulk of its territory is made up of uninhabitable desert, Its southern cities are cities are rich and full of life. Scholars come from all around to visit the The Great Shuktan Library, the largest collection open to the public in all the known world. The River Cities of Arhin Jad are a merchants dream. They are the exporters of some of the finest wares, and because of this, the River cities have made Arhin Jad second richest country on the continent. People come from all around to enjoy the festivals. Despite this display of grandeur and reliance on trade, due to past tensions, Ahrin Jad's borders beyond the River cities are very restrictive to foreigners. The response for being caught beyond the trading cites with out permission is often harsh.  People have been known to try. usually in attempt of smuggling out cheaper goods from further inland and to avoid the high tariffs of the Shuktan government.

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Believed to be the birthplace of the modern world the natural bounties of Fera are untold. swamps and rainforest fill it’s landscape and none here hunger. Fera borders between paradise and hell those that dwell here take what they need from the land hunting the plethora of massive reptilian creatures that would otherwise devour those who are unfamiliar with the land. The flora and fauna provide a spectacular array of colors often poisonous always deadly. Perhaps it was from this influence that the vast gypsy culture evolved dazzling to the eye deadly to the touch


Most of the western parts of Glaec are sparsely inhabited and those that have made their home upon the tundra worship the Hemophite God. They are fond of sled dogs and wolves. Those that live along the coast are much wealthier and have staved off Montis influence. They make a strong living off of trade which buys them the ability to ward off the better trained and better armed Hemophite army and navy.


Gygruk is split into two types of people, the famers who have settled into large farming communities on the lush fertile ground. They settle these communes to protect them from the 2nd group, the Gygruk raiders. Possibly one of the most notorious group of bandits on the continent. The Gygruk Hordes are never contained by the borders of their nation they ride wide and far descending on traders and farmers alike. They are often hired as mercenaries so to see Gygruk raiders as far out as ArhinJad attacking caravans is no uncommon thing


Once victimized by Gygruk invader’s the people of Ma’arri had been poor and war torn. When the Thomorian-Montis war broke out the Montis nation was in dire need for supplies and natural resources. In exchange they traded slaves and money plundered from other nations for what they needed. Ma’arri grew rich from this trade and soon was able to afford Hemophite soldiers to defend their territory from the Gygruk. This relationship has allowed both nations to flourish, otherwise the Hemophites would have been obliterated by the Thomorians and the Ma’arri would be eternally victimized by the Gygruk


Few from the mainland have trod here and lived to tell about it. The deep swamps are filled with all manner of poisonous amphibians and plant life. The mammal life ranges from fierce jungle cats to the mysterious and deadly dire platapotamus. The religion of this area can only be described as a plethora of witch doctors who’s genius with the foliage borders on madness. 






There is no land that can equal the mighty Thaine's land-trade network. Thaine's central location makes it the crossroads of any and all trade throughout the land. If the artisans of Arhinjad wish to bring their crafts to Barmere to trade with other nations, they must travel straight through the heart of Canaur; straight through Thaine.

But with great wealth, comes even greater jealousy. Many outlaws far and wide sought to make a living by robbing trade caravans. A few of the mightier outlaws even banded together to attack major junctions in the highways where taxes were collected. In response to the decreased trade that the outlaws were causing, one faction managed to build a fighting force strong enough to cause a significant enough of a decline in attacks on trade while simultaneously forcing the other factions to pay tribute to them for their protection.

Eventually every faction that had control of some part of Thaine's infrastructure was absorbed by the faction who's original name was also lost to history, but is now currently known as the Thaine Collective.

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As defined from an excerpt from Thomorian lore:  

"A hush fell over the battlefield that night, the invaders of the south whispered quietly around their small fires as fear began to sink in. Slowly they realized what they had come across in this vast northern land. They heard tales of wolves the size of cattle, bears as big as elephants and even the rodents seemed massive up here. But there was one story they all knew too well: The people who lived in this place. Warriors  who wrestled bears and who could send a pack of wolves running with their roar. A single word escaped the lips of the men here; Thomorian, the Warriors of the north, descended of giants. A fear grew from this whisper, a fear so great that by morning not one soul stood face to face with the half-giant warriors of the north."

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Thorne is an absolute monarchy. The Emperor King or Empress Queen leads the kingdom with an iron fist. The country is divided into districts, each district is monitored by a Marshal, depending on the district the duties of a Marshal vary greatly, but in general the duties rarely extend beyond purely military duties.
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Thunder Crag
Life is harsh in the frozen wasteland of Thundercrag. The people are fragmented into small fishing tribes constantly fighting for food and shelter. As a result of their lack of unification they often come under attack from each other and outsiders. Thomorian barbarians and Montis slavers frequent the tundra to take their women who are renowned for their beauty despite the harsh environment.

Despite popular belief people really do live here. This small island has remained separate from Thomoria due to its minuscule size and Thomorian aversion to water. The people here survive mostly on walrus and wailing. The ruling class on this island is a clan of merchant elite that made a small fortune on wailing


 Founded by vikings, the people of Warstormary are pretty humble and content being on their own, separated by the mountains. Within these mountains is said their god Gilius Thunderhead resides, never to be disturbed. 


History of Canaur

The following is a listing and collection of histories and stories amassed by a traveler on the different regions of the fair continent of Canaur. The information is an amalgamation of history from libraries, folk tales, and first hand experience. The tomes holding them are stored here:

Documents and Histories 


Major Events & Histories:

History of Thorne & The War of the Five Kingdoms

The Small War

 The Order of the Crimson Cross

The Island Mobius

On The Abnormal Deaths in Thaine

A Travelers Guide to Arhin Jad


Folk Tales & Legends:

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Personal Stories:

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